Monday, 5 October 2015

mini-treat thank yous

hello all

well, my 'go to' Thinlits  die set at the moment just has to be the Mini Treat Bag Thinlits set and even better, they are one of the fabulous items featured on the Wednesday deals this week.

...and with my English Garden Designer series paper still to hand I decided to use it again to make some cut  down mini-mini bags! These end up as 'half size' bags when completed.

Lots of inspiration for these on the great 'www'  - so certainly cannot claim any rights as to originality - but what a brilliant idea and so easily done.

Basically, instead of using the 2 Thinlits component parts as usually instructed to make the bag, you  only use the smaller of the 2, cutting  this out twice.

But when I had done that I felt I wanted to tidy up the top edges of both pieces, as the Thinlit you use for this particular sized bag results in one side of each piece being straight and not curved to match the other edge.

So I just used one of the die-cut offcuts as a template to trace round to try to even up the curved edges  for both pieces and just hand cut along the drawn  line.

...a bit of Fast Fuse down each of the 2 tabs, a small piece at the bottom edge to stick the bag together and we have one tall and skinny mini-treat bag
(golly that's a mouthful!)

englisk garden designer series paper

The decoration I kept to a  minimum - just a toning  belly band complete with a punched petite petal and  a suitable sentiment - 'Enjoy' in this case - (one of the accessory Thinlits that come with the set) all cut from some scraps from the same  DSP paper.

just perfect for:

english garden designer series paper

well no-one can  ever have enough chocolate or reasons to have chocolate in my book!

I bought them as little thank you's for some work colleagues  and thought it would be nice to package them up.

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Or please just contact me if you have any questions or to place an order for you, if you would prefer.

well very short and sweet for me -  as with such a lovely weekend and the forecast saying things are  about to change  and so to enjoy it whilst you can - I did spend a lot of time in the garden to give it a good tidy up -

Am  feeling very smug and pleased with myself - one weed free patio, both front and back grass cut and driveway power washed  - golly makes me tired to read it back, though of course I did have some help I hasten to add.

so just now time for a long and leisurely 'me-time' soak in the bath I think ..

til next time - have a lovely week

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