Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wow - sale time - 25% off 25 different stamp sets

hi all

Well - it is absolutely ages since my last post - unfortunately some things got in the way - and time just sped away as they say.

but am back for the moment - and happy to bring you yet more news of that magic 25 number.

Stampin Up's incredible 25% of 25 different stamp sets.

but with not very much time left to place your order, why not
click here to read about all the incredible offers currently available, from Stampin Up?

I can order Stampin Up products for you, shipped straight to your address and am
happy to answer any questions you have  - 

if you would like to place an order my online shop  is now open.

or if you would prefer to find out more - you can  email  or phone me on 01438 820829 and I shall be happy to help.

Until next time - when am hoping to actually have a card for you 

very best wishes


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