Friday, 1 November 2013

Who wants to make custom designed envelopes - the finishing touch for all your cards

hi all 

well I do.. sounds like that song, doesn't it ... Who want to be a ....
but back to my post as in my book am thinking this is a definite must have addition to your craft box to help do just that.

You will be able to make over 60 different sizes of envelopes, (in either metric or imperial, by  using the appropriate chart needed for your project) - both are provided as separate read off scales.

It also includes a scoring tool for those crisp folds and built in punches to round off the edges of your envelopes.  It comes complete with a full set of illustrated instructions, with a duplicate of set of written notes replicated on the board itself,  in easy numbered steps.

But as well as helping you to make perfect envelopes,  it is useful for so much more. Tabbed filing cards, mini albums, mini books, gift card holders, tags, boxes, custom packaging  - The list is as big as you want to make it! Versatility is its middle name!

Why not check out the promotional video below to get an idea of just what this fabulous tool can help you achieve..

 and best of all,  at only £17.95 it is very little more than the cost of one of Stampin' Up's hand held punches.
I can order Stampin Up products for you, shipped straight to your address and am
happy to answer any questions you have  - 

Or if you would like to shop with me online,  my online shop  is now open.

or if you would prefer to find out more - you can  email  or phone me on 01438 820829 and I shall be happy to help.

Well the weekend has certainly whizzed round very quickly - and with the weather forecast not very good for my part of the country - 'all things crafty' is definitely my recipe for time well spent. Can't see me straying too far from my little crafting square so will be back shortly with a small card.

Happy weekend everyone and if you are visiting a bonfire/fireworks display - the suggestion is take a brolley, unfortunately!
til next time, very best wishes all and enjoy your weekend wherever it takes you.


  1. I just love this board Jan and have always had a thing about matching envelopes! Hope you had a good weekend. Our firework display is happening on Tuesday so I'm hoping things will have dried out a bit! Vicky x


Thanks very much, everyone. I so much appreciate them all.

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