Sunday, 31 August 2014

The summer holidays are over, but...

hi all

Well with the holidays well and truly over and a long break behind me - its back to all things Stampin' Up and lots have been happening in my absence,  I can see.

For me, I celebrated a milestone big '60' birthday and still keep pinching myself as can't quite believe it.. unfortunately retirement is not quite on the cards as yet - but am investigating moving to part-time working, so I could class that as a 'half-way' house, I guess.. so 'we will see' as the immortal saying goes...

But enough of me, back to Stampin' Up! news ..

Am sure a lot of you took advantage of the brilliant promotions run during August,  such as the 'Big shot and  bundle' offer or the Join Stampin' Up!, only pay £99 but get £150 worth of lovely products -  although both of these have now finished  ..  the new, larger than ever,  Autumn-Winter catalogue has now launched to inspire us with its absolutely fabulous selection of products. As the title says 'Make it Fun -  Make it Together'

Just incase you are wondering -  yes there are lots of holiday seasonal items, a huge wealth of new stamp sets, designer series papers, and bargain bundles savings,  all to help you 'Make it', 'Package it',  'Send it' and 'Share it'

Take a look at pages 10 and 11 for some great packaging and gift wrapping supplies

autum winter catalogue 2014

Everything from 'Under the tree' to 'Wonderful wreaths', even a stamp set to help you fashion your own Advent Calendar, and a fabulous series of related items in the Nordic Noel suite.

...and not forgetting thoughts on what Santa gets up to when he isn't busy delivering presents to everyone. Whimsical and funny and a totally different slant to the traditional image we usually have! See page 28 and 29 for a little chuckle and light hearted take on things!

autum winter catalogue 2014

but there's far more.

Stampion' Up have added to their 'Project Life'  product range  for the Scrap bookers amongst us. See page 34 and 35 of the catalogue for some lovely seasonal card collections and accessories packs to help capture those magic moments today so we can look back at them tomorrow.

and of course for our little trick and treaters - who do seem to be gaining in numbers each year I have to say, all manner of things to get their Halloween parties off with a squeal or two.  Take a look at the Motely Monster suite and more for some really great ideas that are not 'at all frightful but totally delightful' to quote from page 44 of the catalogue.

as to my choice - I really like the whole idea behind the 'All is Calm' suite - as if it is one thing I can never ever profess to be,  over the Christmas holiday, is calm, in any shape or form.  So anything that helps me in the rush up, or should that be,  count down, to 'The' day - has got to be a plus in my book.

take a look at pages 20 - 23 of the catalogue to check them your self.

autum winter catalogue 2014

cool silvers, whites, blues -  these lovely calming colour mixes, toning papers, templates, embellishments, stamp sets, and ensembles - lots to get us planning  our 'makes' well before the main maybe this year, for a change,  having sorted out my own 'makes' well in advance - a state of calm might feasibly be the order of the day!

I can order Stampin' Up! Products for you, shipped straight to your address and am happy to answer any questions you may have - if you would like to find out more or would like to place an order you can email me or contact me on 01438 820829 if you would rather..
Well it's the last day of the school holidays for our area tomorrow and my partner and Mum are on joint 'great-niece' sitting duties.. It  will be interesting to see who is the more tired at the end of the day - the said 'great's  (we have 2, aged 9 and 4!) or the grown-ups.. Somehow .. my money is on the girls - now if I were a betting person...

Til next time,  where hopefully I will have a card  to post!  have a lovely week.

Jan x


  1. Hope you had a lovely break Jan and oh my goodness you kept that birthday very quiet! Glad you're enjoying the new catalogue - SO many lovely things! Vicky x

  2. many thanks Vicky.. I did.. - and I had a really lovely birthday - Mummie had commissioned a special cake in the shape of my sewing machine - AMAZING! and my dad surprised me in the restaurant with an 'Ode to our Lass' which he read out to the delight of all including the other diners who all joined in with Happy birthday to me..- and yes. back to Stampin' Up! lots of lovely things..
    very best wishes and thank you
    Jan x


Thanks very much, everyone. I so much appreciate them all.

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