Tuesday, 12 May 2015

so swaps are done, card and badge still to go though...

hi all

well visitors to my blog yesterday will have seen I was ready to start assembling my swaps..

so back from Hatfield house and I set to.

... and we went from this :

card swaps 2015

to this :(but not quite in the blink of an eye in my case, I have to say!)

card swaps 2015

it sort of puts me in mind of ones of those clever card tricks where the magician fans them out and then asks you to chose 'one card, any card'! - 

what do you think?

..am now giving some thought to style of my name badge and not forgetting of course, a card for the RMHC drop box.

well by the time I next post I will be full of the  joys of  all that went on at THAT meeting - Going on past performance at such things am sure swaps, ideas, inspiration, business tips, sneaky peeks, demonstrations and  hints and so much more,  really will be the order of the day and am sure there will be lots to share.

til next time

happy stampin'!
Jan x

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