Monday, 2 December 2013

Well its a grand feeling to be prepared....

awhhh - now aren't these absolutely adorable?

Brand new and just released to enable you to get well ahead with sorting out your Valentine surprises.  Yes I know,  but if this year is anything to go by, it will be here before we know it, irrespective of whether Christmas has or hasn't happened yet!

Stampin Up are launching their 'Whole lot of love' promotion 

Two little Valentine Monster Hugs - they come in both 'flavours' - a little boy monster or a little girl monster pack, complete with  toning bows, googly eyes, stick on hearts and on the backside literally! room to write a little note!

Each pack contains enough to make 18 of the little sweeties  - and their name 'Monster hugs' due in part to the fact that their arms can be folded such that they can hug a a little treat or note, am sure..  All for just £5:50 for each of the sets.  

Although not available for a few more days yet - am thinking once they are here they will be pretty popular -  Having seen a sneaky peek at Convention can confirm they are even more cute for real! 
  what do you think?
but it doesn't stop there - 

Stampin' Up also have little packs of treat bags specially for the occasion  - 12 heart sacks, 12 die-cut labels, 12 pre-cut pieces of Pool Party Baker’s Twine just waiting for you to wrap up a little something to send to someone special, all for £4:50.

or when time is of the essence and no time to waste,  
how about these little packs of  
12 printed card bases, 12 envelopes (four Real Red, 
four Pool Party, four Crisp Cantaloupe) to dash off a 
quick note to decorate, embellish as the feeling takes 
you! All for £5:50 for the pack.
and of course notice the lovely stamped heart image above -  Flowerful Heart  
well if you are like me,  no promotion would be complete without the release of some special stamps sets - as in the picture below.

the other one you can just make out is from the Follow my heart set and  that just leaves Love you more.

available from today until the 27th January or while stocks last

I can order Stampin' Up products for you, shipped straight to your address and am
happy to answer any questions you have  - if you would like to find out more or would like to place an order you can email me or phone me on 01438 820829

or why not visit my on-line store

Well I have to admit that my partner has just nearly spilt his coffee chortling over the title of today's post.

In his words - 'me and being prepared in advance' are just too diametrically opposed sentiments  and to this day have never appeared together in the same sentence - and he of little faith - does not see anything changing in the near future..  Now what's that about throwing down the gauntlet.. well time will tell am sure!

Until next time - have a lovely week.
Jan x

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  1. I would consider that a gauntlet well and truly thrown down Jan! Then again his idea of being prepared in advance and yours could be very different! Vicky x


Thanks very much, everyone. I so much appreciate them all.

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